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About us

The Eventfullminds is a leading service provider in the international events industry. We offer a state-of-the-art Family events (i.e. weddings) and corporate events event planning services. Eventfullminds was born out of a shared desire to impart knowledge and expertise, improve standards, and establish a boutique network of regional and international wedding and event planners to support our clients needs.

We are committed to offering an intensive, honest and authentic event organization experience.

We at Eventfullminds are offering venue finding services anywhere in the world. Today, we are able to save you time, money and present you with a range of venue options with one hour of contacting us.

The Benefits of Using our Venue Finding Service:

A. By gaining a clear understanding of your requirements from the outset our team will ensure your goals are delivered.

B. By offering a fully comprehensive service, we give you the option of selecting the level of support that suits your individual needs.

C. You will consistently receive the highest service standards, and a return of substantial cost benefits and savings.



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