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We strive to make it simple and affordable for individuals and companies of all sizes to host charity events that support and/or give to those in need. Though planning charity events or fundraisers can be personally fulfilling projects to embark upon; like any occasion, they can also be tough work with a host of different components to consider and coordinate.




This package includes all items of the silver package, and:

- additional 1 hour call with the dedicated event planner.

- Budget planning tool. Producing with assistance of your event planner the expected budget for your event and the various sources and resources we could connect you with.



The Silver packages are meant as an initiation to the wedding planning process. A quick conversation helps future brides and grooms understand the grandeur of their special day and what goes into making it happen. The Silver package includes:

- Initial intake questionnaire givingour professional wedding planners a feel for what type of event and idea you have of your event.

- 30 minutes conversation with one of our professional wedding planners, sourced in accordance to the needs identified from the intake questionnaire. During this call you will get an idea of the various aspects you should consider.

- Planning checklist.


Depending on complexity and size of the event, more time with your event planner may be required. In general one should consider the amount of guests and size of venue as indication time needed.




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